I  don't think I am alone that over the last two years I put on some unwanted lbs. Ugh.
Recently I joined WW and actually am enjoying their program.
Its like a game.
Fun Fact, (Missy J's carob chips are in their points system).

What I love about their system is the freedom to eat anything. I live with enough restrictions, that allowing myself "anything" like crackers and desserts feels so joyful. The unrestricted plan makes it feel like freedom instead of torture.
The other day on PI day, I wanted cake.
Chocolate cake and frosting. But I don't eat chocolate. 
My superpower is to take a dessert and make it compliant for a no chocolate, no caffeine, no dairy, no sugar lifestyle. 
This epic creation HIT THE SPOT.
I used our new tigernut flour carob cake mix coming out soon for this cake project.

It was so heavenly and I stayed within my points for the day. 
Eating healthy dessert, what is better than that?
I am in love with food photography and am following and learning from the best. 
@thebiteshot and @bromabakery. Both of these incredible woman make unbelievably eye catching sumptuous desserts and photograph the foods so pro,
Sarah Crawford from @bromabakery has a free course and I can't wait to take her free master class this Monday.
I see her genius creations and it always sparks my creativity. All I have to do is switch out all the chocolate, sugar, gluten and dairy and I can savor the decadent treats she masterfully creates.
Oh-I didn't eat the whole thing!

They say, one might assume that Tiger nut flours are made from nuts, as its name implies, but they’re not. They come from a starchy powder made from root vegetables. It’s rich in prebiotic fiber, iron, potassium, protein, magnesium, zinc, and vitamins E and C.

You can add tiger nut flour to baked goods or create a roux for soup or stew. It also can be used to thicken or flavor a variety of products, such as jam or ice cream.

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