Our mission is to provide "better for you" snacks + treats that, first and foremost taste divine, are free from unhealthy ingredients like white processed sugar and caffeine.  Are lower glycemic and always Non-GMO and Organic. We pack our treats with love, as well as, nutrient dense ingredients such as, carob, coconut oil, almonds to name a few. 

Hi, I'm Jodi, (aka Missy J). I love treats, but it was impossible to find indulgent options that would "play nice" with my food allergies and sensitivities.

My favorites were always mint chocolate chip ice cream and a decadent peanut butter cup. 

But it turns out that the sugar, caffeine and dairy found in traditional treats, especially chocolate, is terrible for me. 

It is one of those moments you never forget. About a year ago and a half ago, the doctor looked at me and said, “You have MS”. I think time stood still for a second as I listened to my heartbeat in my ears and felt a wave of panic consume me... but… just for a second. Instantly I snapped out of it, shook it off and said, “Well, I’m certainly not keeping it!”
I meant that with every fiber of my being! I’ve known for years gluten, caffeine, sugar and dairy were my body’s enemy, AND NOW I KNOW WHY.

Chocolate would make me anxious, jittery, unfocused, super foggy and kind of mean…(the definition of “hangry”). 
Public apology to my husband. 

Those anxious, cranky, foggy, irrational feelings I was experiencing, were just the signs that my nervous system was “broken” and I needed to take better care of myself. 

I searched for years for a treat that wouldn’t put me over the edge and found nothing. 

I had to cut out chocolate for good, and I felt  like I was living in a dietary “straightjacket”. 

LIVE WITHOUT CHOCOLATE?  No, way! What a cruel world to not be able to enjoy a piece of cake at a party or indulge in a much satisfying chocolate bar.

So I invented Missy J's for me AND YOU, the most chocolate-like carob on the planet.

Perhaps the world's greatest invention.
A blissfully guilt-free treat! 100% Yummy, 0% Regret!

I would love to hear from you.

Jodi Feinhor-Dennis (aka Missy J), Founder