It's always a party with Missy J's

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Dessert "Charcuterie" Boards are all the rage. By definition, a Charcuterie Board is a selection of preserved meats and cheeses, but in our sweet, vegan spread, there is no time for any of that. :-)

Create your own board for your next party. I grabbed fresh fruits, gluten free pretzels, an array of packaged and unpackaged Missy J's goodies. I added vegan yogurt for dipping and centered it all around the most delectable Missy J's Carob popcorn you'll ever make. (Click photo for Recipe).

Check out Pinterest for "inspo" on visually exciting board layouts. The key is to mix textures and colors and create visual movement with the placement of products  

As always, HAVE FUN!! Happy Charcuterie(ing)!   

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