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Delicious Minty Carob!

These mint Carob chips are delicious and véry addicting, yummy!!! It's a perfect blend of mint and Carob that melt in my mouth like chocolate and tastes like chocolate, so creamy and smooth. Missy J's has the best Carob I've ever tasted and I've tried several brands of carob! I made the mint Carob chip cookie recipe on the back of the bag and they are delicious! I highly recommend them and will buy more chips!

Love the mint

Really love the mint carobs...not too sweet...just sweet enough.

Almond flour carob cookies

Healthy sweet to eat in moderation. Carob is underrated. I love that it's organic and showed how it was grown in Australia.

Very tasty

Perfect combination of chocolate and cashews

Got Carob !

The best bar for my money. Thank you Missy J's for producing a product for those of us that want a treat for our dietary needs.

Reese’s Alternative

My favorite is Reese’s, but I couldnt eat it anymore because of my gastritis and chocolates triggers my acid reflux.

I was hesitant to try this at first, but I should've bought more, it’s the closes one to reese’s. Sooo good!!

I’ll order more 😅

Reese’s Alternative

My favorite is Reese’s, but I couldnt eat it anymore because of my gastritis and chocolates triggers my acid reflux.

I was hesitant to try this at first, but I should've bought more, it’s the closes one to reese’s. Sooo good!!

I’ll order more 😅

Gastritis Banana Bread

I never knew I’d enjoy banana bread with missy j. It’s the only carob brand that doesnt trigger my acid reflux. I also left a bar in the office for my sweet cravings 😁


Full disclosure, I grew up on carob so I prefer it over chocolate. I made oatmeal banana chip cookies with these and they are AMAZING!

healthy and yummy treat

was looking for a chocolate product which is healthy and non addictive long last i tasted an almond coated carob product of missy and its worth it! it doesn’t irritate your tongue and throat eventhough how much of it u had consumed unlike with nut coated chocos i tasted before! id therefore like it and i recommended it to my friends as well. thank u missy j

Missy J's has increased my quality of life

I had to stop eating chocolate after a medical diagnosis. I love chocolate, so this was not great news for me. I started researching carob and found this company. We used both the unsweetened chips and the powder over December holiday baking and have continued to enjoy these products in the new year. I love the flavor and the quality of these products.

Carob syrup

I was intrigued with carob syrup, at first when tasting it I felt like I had tasted it before, I then realized that it taste very similar to black strap molasses, but better! It has a right flavour but no bitter aftertaste. I love it!

Roasted Carob Powder

I tried this powder and am blown away by the sweet flavour and smell. This is a finely grounded product that is unlike any other carob powder I have had before. I love it!

Carob cookies

I just want to say, MissyJ’s carob is the creamy, wonderful tasting carob I have ever tasted.
I have been allergic to chocolate since I was 20 years old, I am 78 and tasted many carob made products. These are delicious and when I want a healthy snack, that’s my go to. There one problem I can’t stop at just one. Thank you Missy J for making life so much more sweeter and healthier.

These aren't lasting very long!

I recently figured out that I can't eat chocolate, so these were the first carob candies I've ever eaten. This is all that's left out of 18 things after less than a week. Everything I've tried has been far as my taste buds are concerned, this IS chocolate. I've especially liked the crunchy candy bars. Thanks! I've ordered some unsweetened bars and chips to check those out.

Great Substitute for Dark Chocolate

I have an intolerance to both cacao and most refined sugars, so it's hard to find treats unless I make them myself. These unsweetened carob bars are really fantastic. The carob has a slightly sweet taste, so it is the closest thing I've found to a dark chocolate bar. My kids will even eat these. They are way better than the other brands of carob I have tried. I highly recommend them! The entire drawer in the bottom of my fridge is devoted to these right now :-)

Goodies galore

The carob chips and powder make wonderful and healthy goodies. The zucchini and yogurt muffins are enhanced with carob powder and carob chips. The faux butterfinger bar, made with cornflakes and peanut butter, was dipped in melted carob chips.

Makes great Paleo frosting!

I own a small Paleo cake business and prior to using Azure palm shortening, used Spectrum palm shortening. Azure palm shortening has a much smoother texture and is easier to work with, as I use honey or maple syrup with my cakes. Glad to have found this product at a reasonable price, including shipping! Once in a while, the frosting will have small clumps and not be as smooth so I have remedied that by putting the frosting in a heated oven (after cakes are done baking) for a few minutes to soften up the frosting and mix until the lumps are gone. Works like a charm!


This Mint Carob bar is truly
paw-some! It is purrr-cisely what I was looking for!
This is my furr-ever favorite carob bar!!!😻 Purr-haps you should go buy one too!! 😺

These are the cat’s meow!

These Carob full size sampler bars are purrr-fect! I am paws-itive you will think they are truly paw-some too!
No pro-cat-stinating…go purrr-chase some for yourself!


This is really a great product. It tastes exactly like peanut M&Ms but is so much healthier. I want to try all the carob coated nuts now.

Mint carob

These are perfect to keep in bag/ purse for a little treat. No sugar needed!


Every item was delicious. I need an unlimited supply!


I was at a co-op recently, while traveling, and got to try one of these chocolate bars and just fell in love with it. Couldn’t find them and came home and did an Internet order. I can’t Overshare how wonderful it was to receive a package on time, filled with lots of goodies. I am enjoying them all and thank you very much.

These are the best

Crunchy, salt and sweet! These and the and the peanut butter cups are my favorites!