Every year Easter and Passover overlap and as a kid, not being able to partake in the candy eating ritual of a Easter, like ALL of my friends, was a tough experience on that younger me.
Nowadays, imagine as a kid (or adult) having severe food allergies where even eating any candy is impossible. 
Those with ADHD, autoimmune issues, Autism, migraines and more can't really handle candy made with chocolate, sugar, gluten, red dye or dairy. I know many of you, like me who are 100% "chocolate intolerant" feel a little pang of envy or longing during candy season. 
These are the days to gleefully and joyously dig into Missy J's chocolate free, caffeine free, cane sugar free, dairy free treats without abandonment.
Oh, all was not lost when I was a kid during Passover, my best friend's mom would always save me an Easter basket. How sweet was that? No pun intended)

Can't find safe Easter treats for your kiddos?
Make your own with Missy J's carob chips.

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