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I always listen for that "mmm" Andrew (husband) makes when I have him try one of my recipes. This time it wasn't just "mmm", it was, "These are the best cookies you've made." 
I take that seriously because he, my delicious husband, can eat anything. The flavor, the texture is just right. 
Pull up a glass of almond milk and dunk away. 
To love Missy J's, ya gotta try Missy J's. 
Oh, I went back to the cookie jar and noticed they were ALL GONE!


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  • Lynn Stubenrauch on

    This cookie recipe is amazing! Really yummy and super easy to make. I’m not much of a baker, but these cookies were a snap to make and tasted wonderful. Using Missy J’s carob chips makes them truly outstanding! So happy to get this recipe. Thanks Missy J’s! You never disappoint. 😁

  • Jodi Feinhor-Dennis on

    It was so much fun and a true triumph to create this carob chip cookie that I know will satisfy ANY CHOCOLATE LOVER!!

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