So this is pure pumpkin love in the shape of a cupcake My favorite pastime is to review and reinvent dessert recipes for my dietary requirements. Today was no different. I was inspired by @thecozyplum and @theloopywhisk gorgeous coffee cake recipes and switched up some dietary compliment options for me and the Missy J's peeps. The star of the show, alongside Missy J'carob chips was @iamlenskitchen pumpkin/cardamom spice. You gotta try it.


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  • Mimi Rosenbluth on
    just wanted to thank you so very much for making these fabulous Carob products. I have been allergic to Cocoa for most of my life and to be able to enjoy the taste of Chocolate again is heavenly. I have been trying to find a Carob that tastes like Milk Chocolate for so long. You have no idea how grateful I am to you.

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