Vegas Baby

My happy place

Who would have thought that I would find happiness in Vegas. My husband Andrew and I were on a business trip last week and I was searching for Vegan Eats. The Wynn Hotel came up as a very popular spot, so we traipsed over. It was like Wally Wonka came to life in the middle of the hotel. The colors and the decor just made me happy.

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    You look so happy! Thanks for sharing. Makes me happy to see those colors as well. I have been following you blog. I am wanting to buy your products. just trying to figure out which ones to buy. But i am so happy you started this company. Your prices are right on key. Occasional sales are an item is always good. or Buy 5 and get one free. The Whole foods in Nashville TN didnt have your products, so i have to go online and buy it. I tasted your product when i was in West Virginia at a health food store and wow, it was really good. Keep up the good work.

  • Jill Diamond on

    Do you have free shipping promos
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